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Glutathione, for which it serves, properties and side effects

Glutathione is a very important molecule in the human body. It is composed of three amino acids and serves as a cellular antioxidant. Although it is similar to the so-called peroxidase it is different. Its main function is to protect cells from oxygen reactions, which destroy tissues and important elements to keep you young, as well as block the damage of free radicals and peroxides.

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Glutathione Properties

It has the ability to reduce disulfide bonds within the cytoplasmic proteins of cysteines, which indicates the state of degradation and toxicity of the organism.

In spite of being a fundamental element for the health of the people it is not an essential nutrient, that is, that it can be synthesized from other nutrients that we ingest.

Its precursors, or from the molecules that it is possible to manufacture within the organism is from the amino acid and daily dose of L cysteine in conjunction with the properties of the AC glutamic and the glycine formula. When the human body has these three amino acids and receives the signal it begins to produce it.

The control of the glutathione synthesis is given by cysteine, as it is less common in food. It is limited because there is less quantity than the others.

What it is for?

  • Blocks free radicals.

  • It inhibits and decreases the damage by oxygen reactions.

  • It extends the life of vitamin C and E, which are exogenous antioxidants.

  • Glutathione has the biological function as a detoxifying agent, eliminating carcinogenic agents.

  • It is imperative for the immune system. It controls the level of lymphocytes, of white blood cells that protect from infections. It is able to send the signal so that there is an increase when necessary and also indicate its decrease when a high immune response is no longer needed.

  • It serves to repair the DNA, the formation of new proteins, to transport amino acids and to activate enzymes.

  • It is necessary to synthesize prostaglandins.

When there is a lack of glutathione, health can be affected in different ways because the nervous system, the liver, the lungs and the gastrointestinal processes are decaying.

Glutathione peroxidase

It is formed from the oxidation of glutathione. In this reaction is produced glutathione disulfide with the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The enzyme glutathione peroxidase is coupled with the toxins in the liver and the residues that appear to produce bile and function the metabolism.

Explanation of formulation: a hydrogen peroxide molecule is reduced to two water molecules, and two glutathione molecules are oxidized by the enzyme, glutathione peroxidase.

Relationship with Tyrosinase and acetylcysteine

It has the property of inhibiting melanin, so in some countries, it is used in cosmetics, for example, as a glutathione soap to clarify the skin. Its effects make it not possible to join L-DOPA to tyrosinase, preventing its formation and grouping, which is what gives color to the skin.

In this aspect is also related to n acetylcysteine since this is the stable form of L-cysteine and, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article referring to which is glutathione and what are its properties so that it exists in the organism it is necessary that Before you have cysteine.

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Taking glutathione capsules or tablets

Glutathione Complex in Some supplements pills have very large absorption and others, unfortunately, are less effective orally. In the case of taking glutathione by pills, the assimilation is reduced and it is quite difficult to equate the doses ingested with the amount that can then be observed in the body through different clinical samples and tests.

This peculiarity of glutathione products is due to the fact that through the gastrointestinal tract it is absorbed in low quantity, with difficulty, if it were injected directly into a vein or administered with a formula that allows through the pathway Alveolar-pulmonary.

When metabolized taking a high dose there is a greater difficulty for part of its composition to reach the bloodstream. By digestion, There is a high percentage that is lost.

Increase it with S-adenosine-methionine

Although his oral administration does not have the expected effects when instead of glutathione you proceed to take S adenosylmethionine the increase in the concentration in blood and in the liver appears.

Uses with other products

Besides being able to buy adenosylmethionine there are other precursors of cysteine such as whey protein without denaturing and N-acetylcysteine which is available directly in the form of supplements. In addition, there is also the possibility of increasing the consumption of alpha lipoic acid taking lipoic Solgar which according to studies restores intracellular glutathione.

There are also other possibilities that, although they do not increase this element directly, they do so through other organic substances. In the case of taking natural melatonin increases the concentration of glutathione peroxidase and silymarin, which can also be found naturally in Thistle Mariano or Silybum marianum.

The alternatives are numerous and each person must find the one that best suits his organism. The one that offers greater comfort and better results although, the one that has a better possibility to contribute all its properties is by means of the ingestion of N Acetylcysteine or L-cysteine.


In some diseases, there may be a deficiency of glutathione and this derives in serious pathologies such as premature aging, decreased immune system and an increase of the toxins of the organism because it does not work well the system by which they are expelled.

Specifically, glutathione in HIV patients may be recommended to increase the level of defenses and thus avoid much of the side effects of this immune disease. However, if you are in this situation you should discuss it with your doctor so that you see the suitability or not to include it in your diet.


People who are going to be treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy and those who receive a cancer drug should consult with the Doctor. Glutathione and cancer can interact by offering resistance to some medications.


There is a relationship between the lack of glutathione and the increase of toxins in the organism such as mercury. Due to genetic, environmental or other factors, certain individuals may develop this deficiency and, autism has as one of the main symptoms the lowering of glutathione, which derives into a weak immune system and detoxification Anomalous.

This can trigger damage to the brain as it is subject to stress, as is the case with Parkinson's disease.


In cases of diabetes, something similar happens. Although certain people can benefit from the properties of glutathione or precursors it has always recommended that the specialist suggests it as it could change the concentrations of other elements of the human body.

Side effects

  • Reduced airway size, bronchoconstriction

  • Abdominal spasms

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • Abdominal distention.

  • Rash.

  • Itching

People with an intolerance to dairy should monitor the consumption of; glutathione powder; because their products may contain extracts of cow's milk. Usually the allergic processes disappear when you stop taking it.

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